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Singing silhouettes, Amorous calls to her ear; Melodic murmurs.


Blowing in the wind, 
Smells of salt; a hazy mist,
Sands of time run through sands so fine,
Damp with the tide that crashed like a fist,
The sun on the horizon starts to fade.

Cold and crisp, we sift through the waves,
Capped ice; a foaming delight,
They fill the air with sounds so fair,
Our toes fall through t
he water like an anchor,
The light falls and the night reigns.

Fingers upon fingers, playing on their own,
We fall through the air; cutting the sky,
My back to the earth, yours to the moon,
Our gaze locks like lovers leading light between us,
The sounds of the world come alive. 

A gentle caress against skin so soft,
A kindled embrace, rolling against sand so coarse,
Passions flair in the darkness, the night breathes heavy,
As the ocean kisses the sands, so too our lips,
Whispers and sighs cut through the crashing flood.



Close up shot of a bride's engagement ring.
Close up view of the back and sleeves of a short sleeved Flora & Lane boho wedding dress.
Calm blue waters rolling back from the shore.
Bohemian bride laying atop a dresser that is placed artistically in front of a shoreline.
Boho bride looking out towards the water whle perched atop a rock and looking stunning in her boho wedding dress.
Bride with hair braided beautifully with flowers in a Flora & Lane bohemian wedding dress.
Boho bride with enchanting eye makeup and lashes wearing a intricate veil.
Bride wearing a crown in a beautiful bohemian wedding dress while the ocean's waves crash against the rock on the shoreline that she is standing on.
Black and white photo of the back of a boho wedding dress.
A beautiful bouqeut of flowers neatly arranged on top of a large rock by the beach.
Three bohemian brides by the sea.
Black and white image of a bride with a ponytail in Flora and Lane's Cherie bridal gown.
Close up shot of the skirt of a chiffon wedding dress.
Boho bride sitting in front of a vanity that has been set up by the ocean.
Serene image of the sea.
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