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Tied by bonds formed in the heart of a star billions of years ago-Made of stardust and time itself; fated- destined-guided by the forces of the universe the path of infinity beyond.

Dark haired  bride in bohemian wedding dress in a forest.
Brunette bride in a boho wedding dress in a grass field.
Bohemian bride side view.
Bride in boho wedding dress from Flora & Lane.
Bride holding the skirt of her boho wedding dress close to her face.
 Back view of a Flora & Lane boho bridal gown.
Bride holding out the skirt of her bohemian wedding dress.
Side view of boho bride in grassy field.
Bride wearing an ethereal wedding gown.
Bride with a fierce pose in the woods in her Flora & Lane wedding gown.
Bride sitting in a upholstered chair in the middle of the woods while in her bohemian wedding dress.

photography by

Leighanne Herr


Black and white photo of dark haired bride in a Flora & Lane bohemian wedding dress.
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