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Bride in Giselle gown by Flora and Lane.
Side view of bride in Laguna gown from Flora and Lane with bohemian earrings.
Back view of Laguna gown from Flora and Lane displaying the chiffon panels of the dress.
Bride wearing the Moonlight wedding dress by Flora and Lane while peering out towards hot air balloons in the distance as she sits atop a ancient temple wall.

moonlight gown

For this collection, we went back to our roots and reconnected with the influences that have always made

our minds spark


our hearts flutter.

A bride taking a stroll in a garden while wearing the Primrose wedding gown by Flora and Lane.
A bride wearing Flora and Lane's Indie gown.
A bride peering over her shoulder softly while wearing the Indie wedding gown from Flora and Lane.
Close up detail shot of the Flora and Lane's Venice gown.
Full shot of the back of the Venice wedding gown worn by a bride who is posing in front of the steps to an ancient temple.

venice gown

Our Timeless Wanderlust collection is inspired by never-ending adventures in foreign landscapes and is shot in our magical homeland of Myanmar, where the origin of our own story began. 

A bride wearing the Gisele gown from Flora and Lane while wearing a hat and walking across an ancient temple.

giselle gown

A bride wearing the Primrose gown from Flora and Lane while posing on top of a garden veranda.
A bride in a bohemian wedding dress designed by Flora and Lane.
A bride in a bohemian wedding dress giving the camera a soft look with two ancient stupas serving as a backdrop.
A bride wearing hoop earrings with tassles and a lace wedding dress.
A bohemian bride in nature.

Dedicated to the adventurous souls that yearn for the unexpected thrills in life, the collection started out with a single thought of creating dresses that were reflective of the captivating destinations around the world each dress is inspired by. 

Close up picture of a sitting bride wearing the Moonlight dress by Flora and Lane.
Detailed picture of the bodice of a bohemian wedding dress with beading and rhinestone appliqués.

We took memorable

elements from

each destination



them across our


laguna gown

Bride walking barefoot while wearing the Gisele gown by Flora and Lane.
Full side view of a bride sitting on top of an ancient wall while wearing a boho wedding dress.
Back view of a bride looking out towards floating hot air balloons displaying the intricate details of her lace wedding dress.

From intricate beading details to exclusive woven lace patterns,

our goal was to imbue every dress in this collection

with the magical spirit of wanderlust each destination

we drew inspiration from invokes within

intrepid travelers

past, present, and future.

Bride with a bouquet in front of an ancient stupa.
Bride posing in a field as the sun sets to her side.

indie gown

Full view of the back of the Moonlight dress by Flora and Lane as bride looks out at hot air balloons in the air.

For example, as a reflection of the alluring swirls of the waves at Laguna beach in the summertime, soft

chiffon panels lay on our Laguna Gown.

Bride running her fingers through her hair while walking down a secluded road.
A shot of an open back wedding dress.
A bride in a boho wedding dress basking in the sun with two ancient stupas as a backdrop.

The Venice Gown, with its unique vintage rose print lace,

evokes the romance of the Spanish grounds

in Spain. 

Bride in Flora and Lane's Giselle gown holding a bouquet on top of an ancient wall.
Bride wearing the Venice gown by Flora and Lane while leaning against an red brick wall.
Bride in the Petunia gown by Flora and lane.
Bride wearing a crochet lace wedding dress standing in a field with the sun setting in the background.

petunia gown

The way mesmerizing decorative carvings adorned temples across Southeast Asia inspired our design process

for the crochet lace

used on our

Indie Gown. 

Open back boho wedding dress worn by a bride in a garden with some lens flare on the picture.

primrose gown

Girl in a elegant wedding dress.
Bride in a romantic flowy boho wedding dress.
Bride in the Giselle gown by Flora & Lane.

With this collection, we hope to have stirred your adventurous soul to be ever ready to say

yes to timeless adventures together

with your lover by your side wherever your love takes you,

whether it is inside a lush green garden,

on a white sand beach,

or on top

of a picturesque mountain with your favorite pick from our collection.


Photo : Amour & Co

Florals :Fleur De Lys

MUA : Thet Htar Wai

Model : Emily Marie Paton

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