Honeymoon Wanderlust : Morocco

May 30, 2017


Morocco, known for it's enchanting culture, steeped in mystery, magic and spirituality. The perfect getaway after exchanging your "I do's". We highly recommend jetting off to this history city framed against its picturesque mountain backdrop. It's filled with beauty and sheer romance surrounded by chic boutique accommodations, vibrant emporia and fabulous cuisine that you'll never wanna escape your heaven on earth honeymoon vacation.


Now, shall we  continue on daydreaming with our vibrant list of must-go places in Morocco? 


 Number one: Sahara Desert


There’s nothing that says romance more than spending the night with a blanket of stars above. Enjoy traditional Berber music, campfires and authentic meals cooked over the hot coals. Take a camel ride or surf the golden sand dunes. Dance away into the night with your lover while sipping on some red wine with the tunes of intimate Moroccan playing in the background.