3 Delicious Vegan Wedding Cakes

Simply Floral Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery in New York City can whip up a vegan version of any of their wedding cakes. Manager Jamie Rosenberg says that elaborately tiered creations are a hit with customers. The two-layer frosted cake pictured above has vibrant floral accents and a larger-than-life topper, which adds expressive personality to the dessert. Rosemary Accents Marilyn DeVault, founder and owner of Piece of Cake Bakeryin Portland, Oregon, says the secret to a successful vegan wedding cake is amazing taste. That's why her bakery offers an impressive range of vegan cake flavors, including Irish oatmeal, carrot, lemon coconut, red velvet, cranberry orange ginger, and "the beloved choco

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