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      Words from Flora & Lane Team


 Anna was such a dream to work with! In our eyes, she is our ultimate Aussie babe & we love her so. Thank you Anna for taking the time to respond to our interview questions. Sending lots of love to you & Matthew! 







Your name: Anna Wright


Your husband’s name: Matthew Wright


Wedding Date: 17/10/2015


Venue/ Ceremony: St Davids Church in Tea Tree gully, Reception at The White House in Hahndorf (both south australia) 



How did you meet / How did it all begin?


We met in high school when we were both 15 years old, we were set up by friends. I actually told him I didn't like him because he was so confident ;) he called me that following weekend and it went from there.

Tell us a little bit about your engagement story? 


Matt proposed on the weekend before valentines

in 2014, it was a total surprise. I had a rough

few days at work, and he surprised me with

flowers which I got teary over, and as i turned

around like the card he'd written told me to,

he was on one knee. I thought he was joking!


Flowers (style / company name): Vicky from The Turqouise Rose in McLaren Vale. she described it was a cottage garden combination. gypsophila, roses, big blooms. 

Who was your photographer? Mel Boulden

Hairstyle and company: Amy Creten-smallgirlbigblog, also works at Lush Hair. 

Make-up style and company: Emily Pearce 

Event Styling: the lovely team at the white house (now called the establishment)


Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding? pinterest, advice from friends. 


Feature wedding song/playlist? Coldplay-a sky full of stars. although the groomsmen had Justin Beiber-what do you mean on repeat. 


Honeymoon details: Maui, Hawaii. best place ever!


What was your most memorable moment? The ride from the church to the reception, sitting next to matt in the car, looking down at ours entwined hands and thinking "he's my husband". The sun was shining and the hills were nice and green. 


What is your tip of advice for future brides? Just to relax, get things done early and have someone double check everything with you the month before.  

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